Genevieve Gyani

Genevieve Gyani

From as far back as I can remember the things that were “unknown” to me to me have always been the things that I have been drawn to. At an early age I was beginning to realise there was more to life than what could be seen.

In my late teens in the 1960’s I joined the new rage and learned yoga and discovered I had chakras. This led to universal consciousness, meditation, mysticism, tarot, crystals, numerology, astrology and any other healing medium.

In 2000 I studied Anthroposophical Medicine involving Homeopathy, EFT, Colour Therapy, Philophonetics, Counselling Dynamics, Jorei & Art Therapy. I have practised Massage, Kinesiology, Magnetic Therapy, Homeopathy & now I am proud of reigniting my skills with i-NLP.

I’m a Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes specialist, Reach Your Ideal Weight in 60 Minutes specialist, Master Practitioner of NLP & a confident speaker & presenter of “Get A Bigger Bite Out Of Life”.

Empowering clients through hypnotherapy and NLP techniques is really rewarding, enabling them to make positive changes in all areas of life. Get the results you want with an all encompassing holistic approach.

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Gemma Lawler

“I am free of a burden in my life and I am giving myself a real chance of being healthy.”

Joanne Hardy

“I feel now that I have the willpower to enjoy not smoking. Even better enjoy being a non smoker, saving money and being able to do things with my kids.”

Jenny Piesse

“I am so happy I came to see Genevieve. I feel that I can start to sing again.”


“I enjoy perfect health and fresh air”

Daniel Withers

“I feel like I can now enjoy being with the family again instead of being an outsider, and I can be inside doing things that I put off.”

Ray Willis

“I will become more healthy, I will save money, I will be more motivated.”

Daniel Oltmans

“I had tried a lot of methods to quit smoking with no success but after this session I felt no need or want for a cigarette, it is the best feeling.”



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What is not involved?

• No pain
• No major life changes
• No chemicals
• No dangerous drugs
• No patches or pills
• No needles