Dave Allan

Dave Allan, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach and Vitality Success Consultant, is a “Freedom Fighter” and your ally in your fight to free yourself from your smoking habit.

Dave has spent many years working with people locally, nationally and internationally, people just like you, to overcome their habits, unwanted behaviours and addictions – easily and permanently.

He is a qualified and successful Quit Cigarettes Specialist Hypnotherapist, Reach Your Ideal Weight Specialist Hypnotherapist and is a government qualified and recognised Clinical Hypnotherapist who has helped a multitude of people to take control and change their lives.

As a qualified Hypnotherapist he is able to assist with many issues other than smoking cessation, such as weight management, phobias, alcohol issues, anxiety, stress, confidence, pain management, drug issues, relationships, other addictions and much more.

He is based in Perth, Western Australia and operates from 2 convenient locations – Fremantle and Ocean Reef. Call today on 08 9433 4706.

Location:  Fremantle and Ocean Reef WA


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Damian Cicchini

“It was an amazing feeling more like having a great rest and feeling revitalised. You do feel like a new start of your life has just begun..”

Donna Duclos

“I feel in control of my life and empowered in all areas.”

Janis Early

“I needed help to kick the habit the experience was pleasant and I am looking forward to my life as a non smoker.”

Kerry Etto

“I am going to take control of my life and my health.”

Lauren Poltier

“I am looking forward to a “healthier me” and finally breaking the cycle! Nice to know I won’t need to use patches, gum or anti-smoking medication to kick the habit!”

Suzanne Gastelaars

“I want to become a ‘winner’ and I have ‘WON’. I am a NON SMOKER BEGINNING NOW!”

Marion Frost

“I have wanted to stop smoking for a long time but was unable to. I am now a non-smoker and it was the easiest way to become one.”

Branka Ilic

“It will be great not to smoke again and I feel great that I can say that.”

Neil Hoar

“I enjoyed the experience and did come out feeling very relaxed. I will be recommending it to friends.”

Annette Gray

“I feel I’m in control. I feel relaxed and relieved.”

John Gaunt

“I felt this session was very good because it helps you go to the inner mind to stop smoking, this session makes you feel good about yourself and good about life.”



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What is not involved?

• No pain
• No major life changes
• No chemicals
• No dangerous drugs
• No patches or pills
• No needles