Christine Ford

I am passionate about sharing with you the possibilities of improving well being in all areas of life using natural and safe methods.  When I began my studies for a Diploma of Professional Counseling, I was as curious to see how counseling would benefit me, as I was to see how the process helped others.  I was highly motivated on my own behalf.  In time, I wanted to broaden the help I was able to offer clients beyond talking therapy.  I researched – and experienced – hypnotherapy and knew this technique, which works with the relaxed state of the unconscious mind, was the tool I needed.

I’m a firm believer that hypnotherapy really works, and my clients are living proof.  One group that benefits from hypnotherapy is people wishing to stop smoking. The method that I use is very successful. Quite often, these people had come to think they were beyond help.

Having explored my own journey to health and well-being I know it takes commitment and a desire to change – supported by calm, nurturing and expert guidance – to bring long-lasting change.

I love sharing simple, natural ways to restore well-being and use my skills to equip you with all the right tools you need to lead a healthy, happy life.

So thank YOU!  Thanks for being here, and giving me the opportunity to be part of helping you transform your health and happiness.


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J Beer

“ I want to thank you for your part in helping my decision to give up smoking. It has been just over 5 months now and I haven’t had a cigarette. I, at first, was very skeptical believing that it was going to be the biggest waste of money I have ever spent but as it has turned out it has been the best decision to spend the money with you. I have recouped that money ten times over already. You made my transition to non smoker so easy I am still, as well as my husband, quite gob smacked that it has worked so well and effectively. You took all the panic and anxiety out of it. I believe a little bit of will power was still needed and a want to do it as well. However usually when I tried to give up smoking endless times before I would freak out and smoke twice as much, and I would only ever make it to the six week mark and find an excuse to take it up again. I had also tried all other methods of chewy’s, patches and tablets to no avail. I have been a die hard smoker for 23 years and believed I always would be, however this has almost been one of the easiest things I have done with your help. So thank you again for your part in it and I cannot tell you how nice it is to not smell like an ashtray anymore .”


” It has been some time since I have come to see you, and I am a proud “non-smoker” – I have not nor will I smoke, and I am so happy that you gave me that gift – so thank you – you work wonders and I don’t know how it worked but it did! I will never smoke again and also my friend still has not smoked either – thanks again “.

A Komazec

” I came to see you on the 3rd Nov 2011 and am proud to say I have stopped since that day. Throughout the roller coaster of emotions of selling my house and moving, I was able to overcome the cravings that would have normally led me to smoke instantly. At times it was slightly difficult but my positive mindset would over rule my thoughts, this is why I waited a little longer to let you know my progress as I wasn’t sure if I could keep this going…but I did! Thank you for helping me make my future with my family a healthier one, both mentally and physically. “.

S Nikolovski

” I just left the possibilities of heart attack and all dangers of health behind me and my life is now enjoyed smoke free.  I am a non smoker that no longer smells and is able to play with my children and today coming here was definitely worth the time.  Christine has been great and inspiring.  Anyone must believe to succeed. “.




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