Lynda Petterwood

Lynda is your Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Specialist located on the gorgeous Gold Coast. As an Empowerment Coach it is Lynda’s passion to help Empower people to live the fulfilled lives they desire and deserve. If you desire to breath fresh air for life Lynda would love to help you.

After helping over 300 people Quit Cigarettes easily and permanently and having clients travel for over four hours for a session, (people are referred to Lynda by friends, relatives and Doctors and will do whatever it takes to have a session with her) Lynda feels very privileged to have helped all these people achieve a wonderful result for their health, wealth and happiness.

Since Lynda’s mother died from emphysema and her father died from cancer due to smoking it delights Lynda to know she is helping to prevent this painful outcome for people through her wonderful Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes Specialization.

The Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes System is so effective that I give a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE!

If you would now like to feel the freedom and happiness of life as non-smoker contact Lynda and start breathing fresh air for life and gain control of your life.

Phone: 1300 246 338

LOCATION: Gold Coast Qld

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Hugh McKenzie

“Before I met Lynda I didn’t realise the damage I was doing to myself. The risk of having another stroke was more certain. Smoking became a silly game where I would hide out of sight to have my smoke. Now I’ve met Lynda I feel free and have no desire for any cigarette again, ever. Thank you Lynda.”

Elaine Johns

“Living in a stressful, nicotine-filled world had become too much. I am now free to live my life with joy, clarity and freedom. It was the most relaxing experience I have ever felt and I feel totally refreshed and energised about my future. Thank you so much Lynda.”

Jason Hardy

“Lynda did a great job making me a non-smoker. Lynda has saved my life. Lynda has helped my family.”

Matt Hancock, Pro Golfer, Coomera

“It was the easiest and greatest session ever with Lynda and I’m so happy I have now taken control of my life.”

Barry Dewhurst, Boronia Heights

“I was a slave to the cigs, sick of coughing my guts out. Health deteriorating rapidly. The process was extremely easy, relaxing and personal. All done with utmost professionalism by Lynda. I now have a feeling of utmost peace with myself. A feeling of chains having been cut from my inner self. A sense of purpose.”

Michael Bloomfield, Palm Beach

“My life was pretty stressful when I was a smoker. Seeing Lynda has made me feel much better about myself and now being a non-smoker I feel at peace. The session was very relaxing and funny, and value for money. I can now have that great holiday every year.”

Tonia McGregor, Elanora

“I am so happy I came to see Lynda because I’m now and forever a non-smoker who chooses to breathe fresh air. I am grateful for the detailed love and attention Lynda puts into her work – it’s definitely put me back on the right path to realising my own freedom and create my own wonderful destiny.”


Don Hogarth, ACT

“After 42 years of wasting time, money and breaking down my health, I chose to quit smoking. I had tried what seemed every possible method to quit with no success. Then my friends told me of Lynda’s work and how they had successfully quit. I spent months researching her background and the effectiveness and finally took the step. Thank you.”

Phil Squires, Biggera Waters

“I felt incongruent with my true self. My feelings that resulted from that left me unable to present myself fully and with confidence to the world. Knowing I am now a non-smoker fills me with certainty, excitement and positivity. Lynda’s ability to allow me to identify that which has held me back in the past is a wonderful gift. The love and respect she demonstrates makes me truly grateful.”

Lindsay Coulter, Burleigh

“I believe that Lynda has helped me find the ultimate and final way to quit smoking – using my mind and not chemicals! I found Lynda’s style to be empathetic and she reinforced that we were a team on the journey to quitting. I feel like I can tackle anything I put my mind to. I would recommend Lynda to anyone who truly wants to give up for good.”

Jay Lennon, Nerang

“I am now fit, happy, healthy, motivated – no longer hiding. Lynda was very easy to work with, easy to get along with, very bright and easy to speak to. Thanks Lynda.”


Fiona Lowe, Varsity Lakes

“I am so happy I came to see Lynda. She is a positive, special lady. I am proud of myself for coming and I do believe I am a non-smoker, happy, healthy and beautiful. Thank you Lynda.”

Alicia Norris, Brisbane

“I feel exhilarated and a more powerful, healthier human being because I made the choice. Lynda is great at making a person feel excited about achieving a goal you desire for yourself.”

Lyn Hancox, Southport

“Lynda has given me the tools to be rid of smoking forever and take back my healthy, happy lifestyle. I feel wonderful, relaxed, calm and strong. The session was fun, interesting and very in-depth. I am now so pleased to say I’m a healthy non-smoker. Thank you Lynda.”

Angela Ashcroft, Brisbane

“In such a short time my life changed totally. I gained freedom, wisdom and insight into why I do/did what I did. This is a wonderful experience – it works.”

Cherie Pugh, Brisbane

“It is something I had tried to do myself in the past without success. After my session with Lynda, I feel fantastic and have become a non-smoker INSTANTLY. Thank you so much.”



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What is not involved?

• No pain
• No major life changes
• No chemicals
• No dangerous drugs
• No patches or pills
• No needles