Karen Siepen

Company owner – Trainer and Manager – Massage Therapist – NLP Practitioner and Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes Practitioner with over half a century of life lessons under the belt.

People ask me, “how do you achieved the results you get?” Here is the beginning of that answer:

Life is full, its abundant with complications and challenges but also resplendent with opportunities and growth. To witnessed and participated in enormous personal challenge, and to have achieved enviable levels of accomplishment there had to be a secret! The secret starts by knowing these key facts.

  1. It will always be the little things stuck in your head that bring the big things crashing down around your ears. (Old belief systems)
  2. The hardest thing to do is get the ball rolling for change unless someone shows you where the handbrake is and how to take it off. Without this knowledge you will always be leaving drag marks on the road to your better future. (There IS an easy way to success)
  3. Change happens in an instant, it’s just that people believe it is worth more if it lasts a long time in coming to pass. That is what slows people down. Learn how to have what you want NOW! (Magnetic manifestations can be achieved by anyone)
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Lloyd McGennisken – Charleville

“Wow after smoking for over 40 years who would have thought it could end with so small an effort on my part. Many failed attempts to give up cold on my own over the years had me rather sceptical.

But with a few words of encouragement and no more or less determination than any other time here i am coming up to 4 months with no problems or realistic thoughts of ever smoking again. I thank Karen so much for the effect this has had on me, my family and of course my pocket it’s been all good.”


“As a smoker i had tried too quit many times some with success but only lasting a month or two. So when i heard of this method i had always wanted too try it and an opportunity finally presented itself. As my health was starting too decline i made the decision and went for it, i WAS a smoker for 14 years and as we talked about the procedure and what was going too happen i was still smoking then i walked into the room and my world changed.

It was the strangest feeling it’s quite hard too explain the level of trust you feel at that moment went you let release control and relax those words still run through my mind. the session felt like 5-10 minutes and i was very surprised when i found out i was there for so much longer. When i came out of the relax state i thought ok its done i felt different but when i went too pick up my things from the floor as i had emptied my pockets too get comfortable my smokes where there and i really and i mean really did not want too even pick them up and as soon i did i felt discomfort in touching them.

It has now been 3 months and i have had urges but something in the back of mind always gives a quick kick in the bum and says NO we don’t do that anymore, then all of a sudden i agree with myself. I did have cravings for a day but with the help of some sugar snacks they went away. For those people that think ohh great i am going too crave sweets forever again no this is not like those times you tried too quit and then gained 10kg’s from eating candy and cake i eat 2 liquorice and a kids box of sultanas.

SO as a clean air breather finally i am happier my family is healthier and all i have too thank is this method of removing something i did not need and the amazing person that sat with me for such a long period of time talking too me.

Cheers Karen Siepen
you have change my views on the world”



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What is not involved?

• No pain
• No major life changes
• No chemicals
• No dangerous drugs
• No patches or pills
• No needles