Beryl Koster

The workings of the human mind have always fascinated me.   I started my life in a good spot to witness the diverse personalities of human beings for I was raised in a family of six children.   My life has taken me down paths that have allowed me to explore my interest in the workings of the mind.   I am a Master of Arts majoring in the humanities, a Bachelor of Law with a keen interest in Family Law.

I was the wife of an international hotelier who worked in various parts of the world, and I had the privilege to associate with a wide and diverse spectrum of society.   Over the years we developed personal ties with many of the regular international travellers, allowing me to understand the perplexities of their lives.   The majority of these regular travellers were business and professional people leading complex lives.

The Quite Cigarettes in 60 Minutes for me has been a wonderful experience and a great privilege to work within this organisation that enables us to have such a large impact on the lives of smokers. This programme uses a combination of hypnotherapy techniques to achieve our high success rate in turning smokers into non-smokers.   Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of those techniques. I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.   My reputation is very important to me, so when I turn you into a non-smoker I will always be there for you. I have a success rate of 95.6% in the first session, so 4% of clients need to come back for a second session and rarely do I see anyone back for a third.   There is only one charge and that is for the first session, if a backup session is needed at any time it will be given without further cost.

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Troy Harper

“I’d smoked since I was a young fella over 20 years. Came to hypnotherapy thinking it wont work. Well to my surprise after having a cigarette just before the session started wanting to give up in my mind, to my amazement after the session the craving for smokes had gone and I honestly felt I did not want or need them.”

Glen Moon

“Red will be in my subconscious so everything else that has been said and done during the session is in there as well – fantastic.”

Tony Horne

“This has taken a load off my mind. I am now a non smoker for life. I feel very relaxed and wonderful.”

Colin Harper

“I’m very relieved about being a non smoker. My focus is now on enjoying myself without the need to stop for a cigarette. I am now a non smoker for life, breathing fresh air.”

Sue Harper

“I feel free, liberated, released and happy. I really feel like I am looking forward to the future as a clean person.”

David Daniel

“I feel good, no desire to have a cigarette at all. I feel like a non smoker who wants to breathe fresh air.”

Troy Mason

“I feel very positive that I can do it now. I am now a non smoker breathing fresh air for life.”

Sammy Morgan

“I was able to look at life in a different way. I looked forward to and found I was more energetic, less lethargic and eager to do more in my day. I physically felt I could actually breathe, the coughing stopped and I enjoyed my gym workouts more.”

Beatrice Podgornich

“From the session with Beryl I am now a non smoker and will be for the rest of my life. Thank you so much.”

Leesa Jones

“I have tried and tried so many different things, but using Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes was the best. Beryl was amazing and I know I have left her being a non smoker and I feel amazing.”

Beau McKenzie

“I feel the session I have just had will be a turning point in my life. From now on I am a non smoker will remain so. Thank you for your help.”

Tarni Windley

“I am so thrilled to be a non smoker, I have wanted this for so, so long and now I am here. Thanks to the lovely, gorgeous, friendly Beryl. I’m sure I will be greatful to her for the rest of my life.”

Rita Winkler

“I definitely wanted to stop smoking permanently – FOR LIFE. I felt comfortable with Beryl and had a few laughs before the session. I was very comfortable throughout the whole session and before the session.”

Kerry Kirkwood

“I not only feel relaxed and positive about quitting but I feel confident about it. I am a non smoker forever. And for this I say thank you Beryl.”

Adam Lane

“I am now a non smoker, I feel I know I feel as though I have gained a lot of control over my life that will in numerous ways make me happy. I feel happy. Beryl helped me give up smoking and I have tried many times.”

Peter Swinbourne

“I have been enlightened by the process and have been empowered mentally and spiritually. I have a new meaning for fresh air, and able to remember the art of relaxation. Thankyou beryl, that’s great.”

Neil Faraday

“Energy level went up, felt absolutely fantastic. The best thing I have ever done. Saved heaps of money. My taste buds were revitalised. All in all, a great success. Cheers Beryl and thanks.”

Robert Wood

“My name is Robert Wood I smoked for 55 years, I tried patches, tablets and anything else going. I finally obtained the name of a Specialist Hypnotherapist Beryl Koster from a neighbour who was also a heavy smoker and had success in giving up after only one treatment. I also only needed one treatment to no longer have the desire to smoke and I am absolutely thrilled that I have not had a cigarette for six months now. So please you smokers who are wanting to give up, give her a go.”

Brett Scharke

“Since my session with Beryl I’ve had a lot more time on my hands but not smoking. I have a sense of freedom. Also my home life has improved.”

Wayne Hunt

“Fantastic increase in sense of smell. Feel proud that I was able to give the mongrel thing away. Was great not having to excuse myself from friends to go outside and have a cigarette. Thanks Beryl.”

Neil Nicholas

“Heavy breathing, lack of motivation, lack of energy. These are the main things that I have noticed a major improvement on since I stopped smoking.”

Chris Boler

“I feel so much healthier. My daughter was very happy. Giving up was much easier using hypnosis. Gave me a head start. I’m definitely happier being a non smoker. It’s now been six months since my session with Beryl.”

Gary Acott

“I revived senses such as smell and taste, had more energy and I didn’t smell as bad.”

Jan Riley

“I know that it is early days but this Wednesday it will have been 2 weeks since I became a non smoker. I have so much more energy and am feeling happy with a sense of freedom that I have finally given up the smokes. THANK YOU.”

Mark Storay

“I am pleased that I did the Quit Program because my breathing has definitely improved, no coughing at all. Heart rate decreased and blood pressure dropped. Overall a great benefit.”

Maurice Bonner

“Two weeks after the session my energy levels increased, could breathe easier, notice the difference in taste. Food could be smelt. Taste sensations much improve even after just a couple of weeks even beer tasted better.”



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