Therese Harding

Therese is a Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes™ specialist who is helping her clients to finally and successfully quit cigarettes. Therese has also completed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner training. Have you tried to quit cigarettes without success, whether by nicotine replacement therapies, medication or simply by ‘cold turkey’? Hypnosis addresses the deep-seated non-conscious habits and triggers that are unique to each smoker, and supports the client’s reasons for wanting to be a non-smoker. Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes soundly integrates NLP resources to guarantee that 95% of clients will easily quit after only one session. Is it time for you to finally quit cigarettes, live a healthy lifestyle and add years to your life?

You can contact Therese on 1300 660 352
Her office address: The Office Connection. Suite 5/ 81 North St, Nowra. 2541

Location: NSW

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Mark R – North Nowra

“I feel positive about being a non-smoker and with regards to (living) a healthier, more productive and actualized future.”

Louise C – Wilton

“I am now a non-smoker and am feeling very relaxed and confident that the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes system has and will become a very powerful tool to me quitting smoking.”

Jodie N – St Georges Basin

“(I am) So glad, relieved, proud of now being a non-smoker. Jumping for joy inside!”

Note from Therese: Jodie communicated to me on a number of occasions how grateful she was that I had helped her become a non-smoker, breathing fresh air for life.

Trevor B – Callala Bay

“It gave me the chance to really give up smoking for the first time in 60 years!”

Tracey H – Vincentia

“I now have control of the decisions I make in regards to being a healthy person and never turning to cigarettes to make me feel good.”

Jennifer B – Worrigee

“I am a non-smoker. I am feeling very relaxed and confident that my choice (to see Therese for a Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes session) is for life! Awesome!”

Cathy M – Vincentia

“I felt so relaxed and comfortable with Therese. I will not be smoking again and that’s with thanks to this program.”

Melany C – Basin View

“I am happy to be a non-smoker. I am looking forward to feeling healthy and happy not smoking.”



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What is not involved?

• No pain
• No major life changes
• No chemicals
• No dangerous drugs
• No patches or pills
• No needles