Phil Wade

Phil Wade is an experienced Scientific Naturopath and Pharmacist with over 35 years’ experience. Phil’s unique experience over the years gives him skill sets that offer capabilities in areas that may seem unrelated.

Phil began his professional career as a pro cyclist at the age of 9 YO! This, during his five enjoyable years spent in Charters Towers. His high school education was acquired at Waverley College. After graduating from Sydney University in 1966,where Phil participated in all aspects of University life: social, student’s association and sporting, Phil owned several pharmacy practises. Currently ensconced in his pharmacy and naturopathy practice in Lane Cove, where he has been for 31 years, this followed a hectic but rewarding period in a pharmacy in the Sydney beachside suburb of Manly, and before that in an equally rewarding community pharmacy at Dulwich Hill.

While at Manly, Phil “discovered” naturopathy and the bounteous health benefits that this profession can confer on people whose health is struggling.

This led to the foundation of the Sydney Acne Care Centre where he cleared up many stubborn cases of mature age acne. It was here that Phil realised that his nutritional protocols for stubborn-acne sufferers were effective in reversing infertility and chronic fatigue, working with GP referrals. This led to Phil’s conviction that various levels of preventable dietary and environmental issues led to much chronic ill health in many different planes and these could be successfully addressed.

Applying these principles, Phil developed an unorthodox but effective approach to helping people to quitting cigarettes.

And changing your mindset with hypnotherapy is a basic part of this approach.

So as not to put all that good training in chemical, nutritional and herbal pharmaceutics to waste, Phil developed a state-of-the-art laboratory at Lane Cove in 2009 to convert the pharmacy into a Compounding Chemist with complementary medicine capability. This complements both the world of modern medicine with that of traditional pharmacy as well as complementary medicine – or natural therapy.

Phil has also added a unique technique for Frequency Specific microcurrent deep tissue therapy for debilitating fatigue and painful conditions.

Constantly researching, learning and refining his practise of Wellness Outcome™ methodology over that period of time, Phil believes that he hs acquired the experience and knowledge to help to restore the health of his clients. And it is what led him to learn a specific hypnotherapy technique for Quitting Cigarettes that, while being a stand-alone treatment with a 96.4% success rate, also turbo-charges his original method of overcoming the habit and restoring vitality.

Phil is now a qualified:

Remedial Massage Therapist

Microcurrent Therapist
Homeopath, specialising in Homoeopathic Immunisation

Sound Therapist
As well as a Pharmacist

Phil will be your Reach Your Ideal Weight naturopath and draws on knowledge from all of these areas to treat your individual case. This is truly a complementary approach to medicine as Phil recognises the need to refer you to your traditional doctor and/or specialist should the need arise.

And that’s why Phil can happily give you a genuine guarantee*

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Paul Haycraft

“I feel I’ve had an authentic experience, today is the day something has flicked on inside of me to prove I’m capable, willing and focused on being a non smoker. I feel my thought process is clear and that I’m equipped to move forward with a positive attitude of being a non smoker.”

Janine Lomas

“Try it! I’ve been smoking more than half my life and regretting it but you wont regret Quit in 60 minutes! I think this is the answer.”

Jacqueline Smith

“Started the session with some trepidation but left feeling motivated and looking forward to a new life whre weight wont be an issue. I’ve received a lot of information and guidance.”

Giselle Carnemolla

“I’m glad I used the Quit Cigarettes Program because it has given me back my health and the energy to interact in play with my children. I can now be a positive influence as the role model for long lasting good health.”



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