Mirella Parry

Mirella is a ‘Quit Specialist, with over 25 years background in holistic health, personal development and yoga therapy.

After witnessing the devastating effects of smoking, she holds a firm resolve to support smokers to quit for once and for all.

The Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes program makes it so easy!

You may ask, ‘How do I achieve a 95% success rate in one session?’

The combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy is tailored to each unique individual. Working directly with your unconscious mind to identify the ways you are hooked into old patterns of behaviour, will free you up to begin life as a non-smoker.

You will experience better health, feel more energy, see your finances recover and hear lots of positive feedback!’

Mirella offers additional ‘Fast-track’ programs to reclaim your life through nutrition, detox breathing and a positive mindset.

Reclaim your Life! Quit cigarettes and become a Non-Smoker

Call 1300 434 348 for an appointment.

Sydney, Central Coast & Regional NSW (from Coffs Harbour to Tweed)

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“I feel that this will be my last attempt of many to become a non-smoker because I will be one!.”

Gary Lester, Avoca Beach

“I have never felt so relaxed and I feel very positive for the future.”



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What is not involved?

• No pain
• No major life changes
• No chemicals
• No dangerous drugs
• No patches or pills
• No needles