Heather Kerr

Heather Kerr is part of a network of leading specialists in the field of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Prior to her training as a hypnotherapist, Heather was a senior tutor in tertiary education for many years, specialising in communication skills from business writing to interpersonal skills and creative writing. She was also seconded to work with many business clients in the private sector. Subsequently she was Director of Basic Writing Skills Ltd for which she had developed interactive online programs Better Writing: Better Business, and Better Writing: Better Grades for business and educational institutions world-wide.

After retiring and moving to Australia, she had the opportunity to train as a hypnotherapist with QC Seminars, and found that many of her skills, together with her personal experience and interest in quantum physics, enabled her to understand how and why the Quit Cigarettes and Reach Your Ideal Weight programs worked so well.

In addition to her Quit and RYIW qualifications, Heather has a BA degree and a post-graduate honours degree. She has teaching certificates for secondary and tertiary education and an ATCL and LTCL in piano. She is currently a member of a number of local organisations including Rotary, and has an active interest in supporting education, clear communication, creativity (with particular focus on language and music), and in helping people achieve a real understanding of how they can create the lives they want.

Location: NSW

Contact: 1300 045 225


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