Daryl Wong

I have had a varied and some may say a colourful background. I started my junior years and became a licenced plumber while working and living in Sydney NSW. I seem to find myself to be a person who was prepared to step up and help others. This eventually led me to a career sticking up for the “Under Dog” hence I eventually headed in the direction of becoming a full time Union Official for the Plumbers Union NSW for seven years. My passion to help people led me to interest in safe work places for members. This passion was so much that I became a NSW Government WorkCover Inspector for 20 plus years where I completed my diploma in Work Health and Safety.

My ongoing passion for helping people led me in 2011 to become a qualified “Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes Specialist and complete my NLP Practitioner training. Again it was no coincidence that I was one of the participants who completed Australia first Reach Your Ideal Weight Specialist Training in 2013.

I get great enjoyment in knowing that I can and will continue to be a person who has the specialist skills in using NLP and Advanced Hypnosis to help people who want to Quit Cigarettes and Reach their Ideal Weight, actually do so.

Daryl can be contacted at:

Web: www.coffsharbourquit.com

Email: info@coffsharbourquit.com

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JD: Recruitment Manager Northern Territory Australia.

“I have been a heavy smoker for 40 years. I have tried every possible aid patches, electronic cigarettes, various medications – nothing could break the relationship between me and my addiction.
I contacted Daryl and within 24 hours we had a discussion and I responded to questions in preparation for my one hour session. My reasons for giving up were strong – I couldn’t walk from the car to the shop without sitting done, breathing was a problem and I would rather sit there and chain smoke than spend time inside with my grandkids. I entered the session – apprehensive by Daryl quickly put me at ease. We went through the session and I have been smoke free for 8 weeks now. I can breathe, I have more energy, my skin looks much better, I have lost 8 kilos in weight overall and I am loving the constant comments from others about how well I am looking. I have also saved $1960 from not buying cigarettes and am placing this money into my superannuation. Life is GOOD.”

James D: Sydney interstate truck driver.

“I am glad I used Coffs Harbour Quit-Cigarette Specialist to become a non-smoker because of the following;
A) It has saved me around $9000:00 a year.
B) My health (I am 65) has improved dramatically.
C) I am more acceptable socially because I don’t smoke.
D) I eat a lot better and contrary to what most smokers think, I have not put on any weight. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
E) Daryl you are a Legend!.”

PF: Coffs Harbour (mother)

“I feel I can be successful & look forward to my next great holiday, funded by my saving.
The guilt is also gone, not having to hide this horrible habit from my girls who can’t understand why anyone would smoke, thanks Daryl.”

CF: Coffs Harbour (Secretary)

“After visiting Coffs Harbour Quit Cigarettes Specialist, I feel now that I have control over my thoughts and actions about smoking.
I am a non-smoker and I will breathe fresh air for the rst of my life.”

CC: IT Technician Coffs Harbour.

“I am glad I used Coffs Harbour Quit-Cigarette Specialist (60minutes System) to become a non-smoker. It is an effective method. It enforces self-control and reminds you quitting is a reward, not a burden.
Seeing RED has a whole new meaning to me.”



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