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Lorraine Vincent

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[caption id="attachment_1613" align="alignright" width="192"] Lorraine Vincent[/caption] Lorraine Vincent is a passionate and energetic health and business professional with a demonstrated commitment to excellence when improving the lives of others. Lorraine has found her true calling in the health and wellbeing sector and is eager to mentor others to a

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Mirella Parry

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Marella Parry Quit Directory Photo thumb

Mirella is a ‘Quit Specialist, with over 25 years background in holistic health, personal development and yoga therapy. After witnessing the devastating effects of smoking, she holds a firm resolve to support smokers to quit for once and for all. The Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes program makes it so easy! You may ask, ‘How do I achieve a 95% success

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Kate Marshall

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IMG_20150411_183726 copy

Kate Marshall has a background in nursing, specialising in Medical Oncology. Her many years’ experience in this field has stimulated her passion for assisting smokers to Quit cigarettes for good. Kate is currently in private practise as a Counselling Practitioner and is driven to generate significant changes to the lives of many. Kate’s practise is based

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Brigitta Beer

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Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes guaranteed "learn to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled" Lose weight- create your perfect body image with hypnosis and NLP. guaranteed   Gestalt Psychotherapist,NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist Brigitta Beer BA BSW D Min author of "Mystics yesterday and today" (2006)" Love Joy

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Claire Dignan

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Claire Dignan NLP Quit smoking specialist

NLP Quit smoking specialist and Master Practitioner I personally smoked for 15 years. It wasn’t until I myself saw a Quit in 60 minute specialist that I was successful in ending my smoking habit. Motivated by how successful the hypnotherapy with NLP was, I decide to become a Quit specialist and NLP master practitioner. As a fit and energetic mum and Chef

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Genevieve Gyani

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[caption id="attachment_1573" align="alignright" width="133"] Genevieve Gyani[/caption] From as far back as I can remember the things that were “unknown” to me to me have always been the things that I have been drawn to. At an early age I was beginning to realise there was more to life than what could be seen. In my late teens in the 1960’s I joined the

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Sean Collins

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[caption id="attachment_1563" align="alignright" width="133"] SONY DSC[/caption] I'm Emmett Collins Your Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes Specialist. I get great satisfaction watching a person who has smoked for most of their life walk out of my office a little over 60 minutes later as a Non-Smoker, supporting a new life of healthier choices and stronger lungs. 

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Marlena Bloomfield

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Marlena Bloomfield_thumb

Energetic and Passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential. I feel that my mission on Earth has always been to be a catalyst for change. Delivering Changes excites me. As I reflect on my career, I was always at the forefront, exploring something New, Inspiring, Trial Blazing and teaching others. My background in Health Sciences includes Registered

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Phil Wade

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Phil Wade is an experienced Scientific Naturopath and Pharmacist with over 35 years’ experience. Phil’s unique experience over the years gives him skill sets that offer capabilities in areas that may seem unrelated. Phil began his professional career as a pro cyclist at the age of 9 YO! This, during his five enjoyable years spent in Charters Towers. His

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Beryl Koster

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Beryl's Portrait - 9 August 2011_thumb

The workings of the human mind have always fascinated me.   I started my life in a good spot to witness the diverse personalities of human beings for I was raised in a family of six children.   My life has taken me down paths that have allowed me to explore my interest in the workings of the mind.   I am a Master of Arts majoring in the humanities, a

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What is not involved?

• No pain
• No major life changes
• No chemicals
• No dangerous drugs
• No patches or pills
• No needles